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6mm Outdoor 1R1G1B LED Display

P6 outdoor 1R1G1B led display signs, boards and video wall panels, for advertising, school, church, shop and business. We supply outdoor 6mm full color led video screens and wholesale outdoor 6mm 1R1G1B led modules.

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Dakco P6mm outdoor full color DIP146 led display screen is probably the smallest pixel pitch outdoor DIP led display screen in the market. It offers more options for small size outdoor led screens. Its HD video quality is very sharp even in a very short distance like 5 to 8m. In addition, its 7500+ brightness is incomparable in the same pixel pitch products.


• High brightness: compared with SMD 3535 led, Dip146 lamp brightness is much higher. Generally speaking, 6mm SMD3535 led screen brightness is about 5500 to 6000nits/m2. Our 6mm DIP 146 led screen brightness is more than 7500 nits/m2.  
• Stable capacity. DIP lamp is the most stable LED relatively in LED world. High quality materials and strict quality control system enhanced the stability of our 6mm led screen a lot.  
• High density: 27777pixels per square meter, a small size led screen could show a high quality video.  


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