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When you plan to install a led digital sign, you may have no idea with what it will be looks like. sometimes, you have to stop your plan and keep investigating. We can fully unders...
We have installed some led signs for DQ chain stores in the past year. There is no doubt that those led signs have helped a lot in increasing DQ's business. Seeing is believing. An...
The BEST cost-performance choice for outdoor application led displays. 1.6 times better sharpness,higher brightness. Dakco recommendation specs range from P12mm to P25mm.
The Economic solution for outdoor LED billboards in giant size. With MBI5042 adopted, 3000Hz+ refresh frequency.
The BEST choice for indoor application LED displays. High resolution with fine pixel and perfect white balance. Your Best Visual Experience covering 160+ degree viewing angle. 1200Hz+ refresh frequency.
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