Quality -> Quality Policy

Dakco is strongly committed to customer satisfaction by providing products and services of the highest quality and reliability.

The quality policy of Dakco is to pursue and realize its management philosophy, "We shall make the best products in the world", in the LED display and related LED products market / industry.

Specifically, in order to meet the customer's increasingly demanding quality requirements of high-level performance, higher packing density, and more advanced functions, Dakco focuses on customer satisfaction by producing timely environmentally-friendly LED products of the highest quality and reliability.

As a result, all Dakco employees perform activities with the ultimate goal of zero defects, in alignment with the Quality Management System at every stage from product planning, product development, product design, and trial mass production through sales and logistics.

Course of Action

1. Place an emphasis on development of new products and technologies with a proactive approach as well as innovative and novel ideas.

2. Perform quality activities based upon the standardized Quality Management System by setting objectives from product development through mass production, sales and logistics.

3. Under this Quality Organization, continually strive for quality improvement activities by making all employees fully understand this Quality Policy.

4. Periodically make modifications and improvements on this Quality Policy and its objectives by evaluating the activities' results.


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