Quality -> Environmental Policy

1. Each and every employee of the Dakco is committed to creating and developing products that are unrivaled in quality in all of our business activities (Mainly designing, manufacturing and sales of LED display and other LED products) under our unified philosophy of ”Caring for the environment”.

  (1) Development of quality-based, environmentally cared products
  (2) Promotion of resource and energy saving
  (3) Waste reduction
  (4) Prevention and reduction of chemical pollution
  (5) Promotion of a greener environment

2. Aiming at the business to speed up and reduce the cost in systematically, intentionally, and constantly through the improvement i.e. simplifying each process by using the environmental managing system practically.

3. Strict compliance to environmental laws and other requirements.

4. Clarifying objectives and goals of environmental activities and continually revising these on an organizational level for the continual improvement of the environment.


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