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Under the prevailing experience economy, what are the changes in the application scenarios of large LED screens?
Industry News 2019-3-16

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In the context of the Internet of Things, when "culture + technology" becomes a trend, simple entertainment can no longer meet people's growing cultural and material needs. Emphasizing "audience experience" has become a fierce competition, and "immersive experience" is one of the hot spots. Nowadays, the LED display screen has gone out of the indoor scene through the immersive characteristics, and has moved into the fields of education, film and television production.

"Experience Economy 1.0 Era: Display Only Serves For Scenery

In the "Experience Economy 1.0" era, display serves the scenery and the scenery serves the people. Since 2004, "Impression Liu Sanjie" has followed the principle of "mountain, water and people" and created a model of real-life landscape performance in China's tourism, from LED display to large-scale light show, to water curtain fountain, to dome building Laser projection, all of which integrate the "immersive" local cultural experience.

Later, from the separation and integration of viewing and performance, from the stage model to the interpretation of the entire open mobile scene, we tried to let the audience experience a deep sense of participation in some open scenes. The most obvious one is the various immersive experience halls that are popular on the market today. It breaks the audience's inherent impression of immersive experience and develops in a more diverse and interactive direction. In this process, the large LED screen displays from indoor to outdoor, to more scenes, from a single display function to later integration with various technologies, and gradually moves closer to the "media era".

At the beginning of 2020, the "Annual Development Report of China's Cultural Industry" shows that cultural and tourism integration, digital cultural industry, 5G+ culture, AI technology empowerment, etc. have become the "Top Ten Key Words of China's Cultural Industry" in 2019, which fully demonstrates the current The demand for extreme, personalization, and aestheticization of technological consumer products will increase, and the experience, interactivity, and contextualization of cultural consumer products will become the focus of attention. Currently, there are three types of experiences with the highest recognition rate in the Chinese market: immersive live entertainment, immersive new media art exhibitions, and immersive performances. This means that 5G+LED display will trigger a lifestyle revolution, and the entire digital cultural industry will also undergo subversive changes. The LED display industry can fully embrace VR/AR, computer multimedia technology, and at the same time cooperate with the visual content industry to establish a new "highland of display concepts."

"Experience Economy 2.0 Era: Shown as "Creativity + Product" Integration

In the 2.0 era of experience economy, the application of LED in the film and television industry is not only limited to cinema display, but also more and more involved in the film shooting and production process, thus presenting a more three-dimensional and more shocking visual effect, bringing more to the audience. The ultimate visual enjoyment. The top science fiction drama "The Mandalorian" introduced an LED display to replace the traditional green screen, and achieved significant improvements in visual effects.

Immersive experience can also use LED screens to help the development of education. Large-scale science and education museums use LED screens to create immersive experience. In it, visitors can simulate the weightlessness training of astronauts and experience being in outer space in space suits. In the field of outdoor advertising, virtual content and digital technology are integrated into the specific environment built through the super-large LED display. The viewer can see different content from different angles, realizing the value of traffic drainage and advertising; in addition, regardless of Whether it is a professional game live studio, an indoor and outdoor game live broadcast scene, or a game arena and other related display application supporting systems, it is an incremental market that cannot be ignored for LED displays.

"Product + creativity" is the core of the LED display industry driven by the cultural industry experience economy. From the era of experience economy 1.0 to 2.0, with the rapid improvement of LED display quality and technology, the application of LED displays in the field of commercial display has become increasingly widespread. Under the trend of diversified application scenarios, Bank of China Technology will continue to explore various sub-sectors in the industry, continue to promote the update and iteration of LED display applications, and bring interactive, scene-oriented and personalized visual experience to users.

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