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East-West Chong beach hiking
Company News 2020-06-12

Both Dongchong and Xichong are located at the southernmost tip of the Dapeng Peninsula in Shenzhen, not far from each other. You can reach each other on foot in four hours, because the famous East-West Chong crossing route is formed. East and West are surrounded by mountains on three sides, one side is coastal, the mountains are undulating, and the coastline is long. It can be said that half of the distance is a mountain road, and the other half is the coastline. On the way, there are sea-mountain erosion landforms such as green hills, clear seas, beaches, islands, reefs, sea erosion rocks, caves, bridges, and pillars. This is a good place for hiking, camping, and sunrise watching.

Although the mileage is only 6 kilometers, it is not easy to climb the rope and step on the rocks on the coastline. Fortunately, there are blue footprints left by predecessors on the stone, which adds to the fun of the journey. While walking along the coastline, while admiring the beauty of the scenery, be careful of the stones under your feet, because a little carelessness may sprain your ankle.

Despite the difficult journey, the little friends don’t abandon, don’t give up,because we are a team, we can’t leave any member, otherwise, failure will finally belong to us.

As for developing company, sense is the same. Every department of Dakco composes our big family. Only common target and effort, can group strength be released, and our company will be developed constantly.

As for company’s training, knowledge and skill are tangible capital, will and spirit are invisible power. Outward Training is a form with security and fun. When relaxing body and mind, our potential got enhanced, confidence got exploited, persistence of overcoming difficulties got cultivated, responsibility and sense of participation got increased, interpersonal relationship got improved.

Let team strength drive company’s development, Dakco can develop better and better.

Life is essentially a process of experience. Everyone seeks an experience no matter what they do, but feels different. Outdoors is a learning field, every line can make people grow. From hiking to climbing, from easy to difficult, from low to high altitude, every step you take counts.

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