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One-Day Trip in ShenZhen WuTong Mountain
Company News 2019-3-16

   One-Day Trip in ShenZhen WuTong Mountain

To strengthen cohesion, expand horizon and increase chance to touch with nature, Dakco organized a one-day trip in ShenZhen WuTong Mountain for staffs on April 27,2020.

Wutongshan scenic area is located in the coastal area of longitude 113 ° 17 '~ 114 ° 18' east and latitude 22 ° 23 '~ 22 ° 43' north. It is in the east of shenzhen special economic zone, bordering on shenzhen reservoir in the west and yantian port in the east.

Wutongshan is one of the few urban natural scenic spots in China with coastal, mountain and natural vegetation as the main landscape. The landscape is characterized by its "sparse", "beautiful", "quiet" and "kuang", among which "wutongyanyun" is rated as one of the eight new scenes in shenzhen by shenzhen municipal government. The main peak of wutong mountain, which belongs to the scenic spot, is 943.7 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in shenzhen. Mountain creeks, lush plants, is the pearl river delta region rare animals and plants shelter and one of the resources.

Walk hand in hand, we climbed high mountain. Peak of the WuTong , 943.7m, has reputation of the first peak in Shenzhen. After climbing on its top, we enjoyed the sight of sea of clouds and sunrise. Everything is small but awesome to us.

Then we breathed natural oxygen bar, experienced beautiful country, viewed waterfall and toured valley with high spirit and enthusiasm.

During this trip, we has not only appreciated beautiful scenery, but also felt our team cohesiveness. We encouraged each other, supported each other, just like climbing every mountain in life.


As for developing company, sense is the same. Every department composes our big family. Only common target and effort, can group strength be released, and our company will be developed constantly.

As for company, knowledge and skill are tangible capital, will and spirit are invisible power. Outward Training is a form with security and fun. When relaxing body and mind, our potential got enhanced, confidence got exploited, persistence of overcoming difficulties got cultivated, responsibility and sense of participation got increased, interpersonal relationship got improved.

We are willing to struggle together, for Dakco’s bright future.


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