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Wireless control card
Learning centre 2019-05-16

Last time we talk about the control system can be divided into synchronous control systems and asynchronous control systems. Today I would like to talk the wireless LED control card  which belongs to asynchronous control system.

wireless LED control card is using wireless information transmission technology to change the led display program. It also called LED wireless control card. Wireless LED display control system,wireless screen control system and car screen control card .

According to the transmission ways ,the wireless control card can be divided into six categories:

1.GPRS wireless LED display control card

2.GSM wireless led display control card

3.GPS wireless led display control card

4.RF short distance wireless led display control card

5.Infrared remote dibbling control card

6.Wifi wireless led display control card

And GPRS, GPS,Wifi control card are wide using among of them.

1.GPRS wireless led display control card.

GPRS wireless led display control card mainly use of mobile data to send programs and manage the led display. This control system is mainly used on taxi led display, bus led display,China Lottery, Fucai door’s LED display, Weather station LED display system etc. It must be inset a phone card on each control card and need 3-10yuan GPRS data fee monthly.

Specification: can send program or advertising information to multi-diaplsy at some time.Centralized management!

Advantage: No distance’s limited.

Disadvantage: Need 5-10yuan GPRS data fee monthly.

2.RF short distance wireless led display control card

FR control card adopt RF wireless transmission technology,which install an FR wireless module on the basis of led control card. Install a wireless LED module at computer,then can achieve the RF transmission between the computer and the control card.

Advantage: doesn’t produce additional costs,compatible with most of serial port led control card on the market.

Disadvantage: limited in transmission distance,

3, Infrared remote dibbling control card.

Infrared remote dibbling control card adopt pre-input, and then remote control or keyboard module page to switch dibbling way to control the display. Commonly used for road transport,police,law enforcement and other vehicles.

Advantage: No other additional costs,compatibility,enabling people to arbitrarily switch content in the car.

Disadvantage: single pre-input. Limited at remote control distance.

4.LED massage control card

Led massage control card is via send text massage to the led display control system to change the program on the display.It meanly on the basis of send massage way or via GPRS network modify the contents of the led screen, this application more and more popular.

Advantage: send wireless SMS, modify the display anytime, anywhere.

Disadvantage:Each SMS instruction will be charged .

5.GPS wireless control card.

GPS wireless control card is added vehical positioning,track playback,electronic fence,speed alarm,robbery alarm,off the oil,voice calls,camera monitoring, remote scheduling etc. Functions on the basis of GPRS control card.

Advantage: wireless content transmission without distance limited.abundant additional different customers require.

Disadvantages: Each month will have 3 to 10 yuan GPRS data fee. Costs increase, control card prices slightly higher

6.WIFI wireless LED control card.

Wifi wireless LED control card is use wifi signal to transmit the data.

Advantage: no other additional cost.PC terminal, mobile terminal can be operated

Disadvantages: only for short distance communication, need to connect WIFI network.

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