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The member of the national committee of CPPCC proposes to use LED display + 5G for 60,000 cinema
Case 2021-03-12

"China is the country with the most digital led displays in the world, with more than 60,000. But the projection system is still Hollywood. With the advancement of technology, there are actually better alternatives." Hou Guangming told the Modern Express reporter, The speed and scale of digital transformation and upgrading of my country's film industry are the highest in the world, but there are still some technical problems.

"The draft of the "14th Five-Year Plan" proposes that China will become a power country with a strong socialist culture in 2035. " Hou Guangming said that from the beginning of its birth, film has been a comprehensive art form, a fusion of art and technology. From silent to sound, from black and white to color, from film to digital... The requirements are getting higher and higher.

"Through the LED display, we want to pursue the new indicators of the movie, such as high definition, high refresh rate, high brightness, etc., which can be easily achieved." Hou Guangming added that the LED screen can be seen not only at night, but also in daytime and large areas. It can be in the square, which also opens up a new market for the cinema. For example, audiences can enter the cinema to watch major shows and events.

To this end, he suggested speeding up the independent development and cinema application of the LED film projection (screen) system to help the LED film projection screen "curve overtaking". "The production capacity of LED displays in China is the world's largest, and the 5G transmission capacity is also in the forefront of the world. Therefore, choosing this method is the easiest way to realize the global curve overtaking of the film industry and make China's due contribution to the film industry of mankind."

Specifically, he suggested strengthening top-level design and overall coordination to effectively improve the overall efficiency of independent development and collaborative innovation of LED projection systems; research and formulate national standards such as LED display technology and new film projection system technology to ensure high-quality display and health Display, comfortable display, upgrade and perfect the digital film technology standard system, and strengthen my country's leading power in the development of the world film and pan-entertainment industry; for theaters and theaters that deploy domestic LED projection systems, provide a policy of coverage for the first round of domestic films Support to provide screening venues for domestic films and self-developed equipment.

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