With fully implementing its business philosophy – “Quality, and more”, Dakco is strongly committed to customer satisfaction by manufacturing the highest quality LED displays.

Dakco LED displays are engineered by a stringent R&D process in design architecture, and material selection using state of the art assembling machinery. All combined with an effective quality control process to deliver peak performance with the utmost in reliability.

For 12 years Dakco has supplied LED displays to 6 continents around the world. From the cold, dry winters in Russia to the hot, humid summers in Indonesia, Dakco LED displays have been thoroughly tested over time to have excellent resilience and longevity.

Reliability and Validity of Measurement
  • Dustproof Test

    Dustproof Test

  • Low Temperature Start-up Test

    Low Temperature Start-up Test

  • Salt Spray Test

    Salt Spray Test

  • UV Aging Test

    UV Aging Test

Certificates & Reports
Electro Magnetic Compatibility Tests
Electro Magnetic Compatibility Tests
Test Standards of EMC (CE)
• EN55022:2010
• EN61000-3-2:2014
• EN61000-3-3:2013
• EN55024:2010
Test Standards of FCC
• FCC Part 15 Subpart B
• ANSI C63.4:2014
Test Standards of IC
• ICES-003 ISSUE 6
• Information Technology Equipment (ITE) — Limits and methods of measurement
Certificates & Reports
  • CE Certificate-EU Notified Body NO. 2452

    CE Certificate-EU Notified Body NO. 2452

  • CE test report-EMC

    CE test report-EMC

  • FCC certificate (accredited lab)

    FCC certificate (accredited lab)

  • FCC test report (accredited lab)

    FCC test report (accredited lab)

  • IC certificate (accredited lab)

    IC certificate (accredited lab)

  • IC Test Report (accredited lab)

    IC Test Report (accredited lab)

Environment Policy
Environment Policy
Each and every employee of the Dakco is committed to creating and developing products that are unrivaled in quality in all of our business activities (Mainly designing, manufacturing and sales of LED display and other LED products) under our unified philosophy of ”Caring for the environment”.
  1. 1Development of quality-based, environmentally cared products
  2. 2Promotion of resource and energy saving
  3. 3Waste reduction
  4. 4Prevention and reduction of chemical pollution
  5. 5Promotion of a greener environment

Strict compliance to environmental laws and other requirements.

Clarifying objectives and goals of environmental activities and continually revising these on an organizational level for the continual improvement of the environment.

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