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How to load .rsps file to DBSTAR XMPlayer software

The latest version DBSTAR software XMPlayer3.1 uses the same intelligent setup file "xxx.rsps" as always. It contains the software parameter settings, and it is a quick way to "write" the correct value into the related parameters of the software XMPlayer. With loading the .rsps file to the DBSTAR control system software XMPlayer, you could accomplish the software parameter settings quickly. After this configuration, the programme files you edit could show on the led display screen properly.
See below:
1. Run the software XMPlayer3.1 by double click.DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps

DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps
2. Click the search icon to find the device(controller in led display)DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps

DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps
3. Click "Setup" and "LED Screen Parameter Setting".DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps

DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps
4. Input the password "dbstarled"DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps
5. Click the "import", choose the correct .rsps file, and open.DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps

DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps
6. Click "send all para"DBSTAR XMPlayer rsps

It is generally the same with the old version XMPlayer software configuration.

Here we need to note specially:
It is very important for the customers to keep the copy of the .rsps file. Once it's lost for some reason, it would be very hard to setup the software parameters properly, unless you command very good technology of led display. But obviously, most the customers are not the experts of led display.
We keep receiving new emails asking for the .rsps file and all of them are not for the led display screens we sold, because we keep all the .rsps files copy for our customers. So once it's lost, we would simply email to our customers.
We don't know why there are so many led screens losing the .rsps file, and couldn't get it anymore. It is rediculous that the led display manufacturers don't keep the copy of .rsps files for their customers as this is the very basic service. But it happens.
When read emails asking for the .rsps file, in one hand we are willing to help, in another hand it is very hard as the .rsps file is related with the circuit design of the led display module, and it's impossible for us to research and keep the led module design of all the led display manufacturers here in China, and to match every led display all over the world.
Hence, the only possible way for us to make the .rsps file for the led displays which are not produced by us is to make a remote control via internet. We will access the control computer via internet, watch the change of led display from the webcam and try to adjust the parameters to find out the right settings.
But this will cost our engineer's much time and energy, so we have to charge according to the current status of the led display.

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