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The solution for LED display in low temperature environment

As we know , for some countries and regions where in low temperature environment which always under 0℃, even reaches under -30℃. When it under over low environmental temperature condition , which will cause failure in getting power supply worked.

For outdoor screen , when in -20℃temperature , due to different thermal expansion and contraction index as well as inconformity changes of physical size , which results in big gap or causes crack due to extrusion between modules , lastly it gives rise to invalid water proof and dust proof as well as obvious mosaic phenomenon. In addition , under such low temperature condition , some electronic components can’t work normally so that the screen can’t work normally too.

Thus , the outdoor screen will go through test of -25℃~85℃extremely temperature simulation environment before leaving factory. Whatever cabinets , LED chip , electronic components , module bottom case and mask and other accessories , we all will take sufficient consideration about it..

Please kindly check below solution:

1.To choose low-temperature power supply:

High end :

①Japan TDK Power Supply (the lowest temperature is -40℃,  regular is -30℃);

②Taiwan Meanwell Power Supply (the lowest temperature is -20℃,  regular is -10℃);

Middle end:

①Chuanglian Power Supply (the lowest temperature is -35℃, low temperature is -25℃, regular is -10℃);

②China Powerrld Power Supply (regular is -40℃)

What’s more , when the low temperature value next to limiting temperature value of power supply(such as we use Chuanglian when it is -35℃), the bearing power of power supply will degrade the quota by approximately 50%.

2.To install hot air curtain

To build a sealing channel behind screen and then install one hot air curtain , its’ working status will be realized by temperature control system. When environment temperature under the lowest temperature that set up , the air curtain will heat then screen temperature will raise , finally powering on screen , when its’ temperature reaches the temperature that sets up , the control system will cut down the AC which powers supply to air curtain.

3.Do conformal coating processing to power supply and PCB

Conformal coating will be painted to facade of PCB and then forms a 25-50 micrometer thin film , which prevents PCB from damaging by conditions of shaking , humidity , salt spraying , high & low temperature , or it may result in short circuit , corrosion and toxic mould growth. As LED screen will work in outdoor environment for a long time , thus , there is highly request to PCB , power supply , welding point and anything else which has capabilities with high & low temperature resistance , water- proof and anti-corrosion. We will do conformal coating processing to PCB , components and parts , welding points and so on , thereby improving and extending their lifespan.

4.To choose cabinet with resistance to low temperature

To manufacture by good quality steel plate and do hot dipped galvanizing craft processing , during the period of processing , we will do blast cleaning to surface of metal , which has rust-proof capability ; the oxidation and zinc plate processing can prevent from oxidizing and corrosion ; To do stoving varnish and anti-acid spray processing , which can prevent corrosion of acid rain.

5.To choose right materials

①Good quality PCB plate material;

②LED lamp with resistance to low temperature;

③Plastic rubber gasket with weather fastness of -40℃ to 120℃;

④Wire rod with high weather fastness;

⑤Black water-proof silicone with high weather fastness;

⑥Good quality capacitance and resistance , we can choose Japan brand , such as SANYO , MURATA.

6.To choose antifreezing epoxy resin

Antifreezing epoxy resin has following features: low viscosity , high reactivity , good adhesion , good weather fastness , good electrical insulativity and transmission of light.

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