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The probably reason that lead to screen mess

1.If full led screen just finished installation and power on , then appear screen mess phenomenon, it may be the control card’s scan setting’s problem, or cable is not inserted (check the cable between the control card to the first board ). Wrong connecting the 5V power cable also will lead to this question.

2.If the screen has been used for a while and then appear screen mess phenomenon, except the control card ‘s problem, the biggest possibility is water go in to the PCB board and burn down the chip and power supply. At this situation, clients can try to connect the monitor which with the DVI port to check whether the Graphics card’ DVI port can output signal normally. For graphics card and driving ‘s problem also can lead to screen mess question. So when the screen mess appearance, clients can unplug the connection between the receiving card and network cable, press the adjust bottom on the receiving card , to check whether the scan is normal.

3.Check whether the power supply of the led screen is normal and whether there is a strong voltage input like as 220V.

4.Check whether LED control card’s parameter settings are correct.

5.Check whether all the signal and power connection are well.

6.Check if the abnormal screen’s power supply is working properly;

a.Detect whether connected or short-circuited of signal output to IC.

b.Check if clock latch signal is normal .

c.Detect whether the cascade output data port between the last driver IC is connected to the data interface of the output interface or whether it is short-circuited.

7.Heat dissipation of the cabinet not good will resulting in increased graphics card’s temperature and then lead to screen mess problem.

8.Re-install the system, graphics card or monitor does not support high resolution.

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