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The effect of LED lamp to LED screen

1. Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of screen depends on the the viewing angle of LED lamp. At present , when for outdoor screen , we usually choose DIP LED lamp which is 100°(H)/50°(V); when for indoor screen , we usually choose SMD LED lamp which is 110°(H)/110°(V). The viewing angle and brightness can’t coexist because big viewing angle will lower brightness absolutely. The choice of viewing angle depends on the concrete application.

2. Brightness

The brightness of LED lamp is an important factor to screen’s brightness. The higher brightness of LED , the more remain of current , which is beneficial to power saving and keep LED stable. LED has different viewing angle value , under the certain circumstance of LED’s brightness , the smaller viewing angle , the brighter LED lamp . So the recommended LED lamp’s viewing angle is 100°to ensure enough viewing angle of screen.

3.Failure Rate

Due to full color LED screen is consist of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of led lamps , which is consist of red , green and blue LED chip , the failure of any color of LED chip will influence the overall visual performance.In general , the failure rate before shipment not more than five over ten thousand.

4.Anti-static Ability

Due to LED is semiconductor device , which is sensitive to static and cause failure once incurred static , thus anti-static ability is vital for the lifespan of screen.


Theoretically , the lifespan of LED device is 100,000 hours , which largely exceed the lifespan of others’ devices in the screen. If we can guarantee the LED device in excellent quality , suitable working current , reasonable PCB thermal dissipation design , strict production workmanship , LED device will be one of the most durable devices in the screen.

6.Degradation Feature

When screen works for a long time , it will have the brightness degradation phenomenon. The brightness degradation of LED will lower the brightness of overall screen.. What’s more , the brightness degradation range nonconformity of RGB will cause color nonconformity of LED screen. The LED devices in superior quality control bright degradation range nicely.

7.LED Device Size

On the basis of certain pixel pitch , the increased LED device size , which can increase the showing square meter and decrease granular sensation , but it will lower contrast and vice versa.


Full color screen is consist of countless LED lamps which contains RGB LED chip. The consistency of brightness , white balance and chromaticity depends on the consistency of brightness of each color in LED and wave length.

Due to LED has viewing angle , thus screen has angle orientation feature similarly , to put it simply , the brightness will have progressive increase or decrease when viewing at different angle . In this way , the angle consistency of RGB LED chip will influence the consistency of white balance at different angle seriously , which will affect the chromatic fidelity directly.


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