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As a manufacturer and solution provider, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced led display systems, and easy-to-use. It is a question that frequently asked by the new clients: what accessories will we receive in the packages? when we receive and open the package, how to connect the led display units and controller to form the big led display panel?
In this point, We are totally agree with you that for this assembly process, the easier, the better.

And our answer is: Plug and Play! Here we will take example for the typical led display. Before the consignment, the related control cards are embedded and preset ready. So when you open the packages, you will find 3 kinds items:
1. Led display modular cabinets (embedded with receiving cards inside)
2. Signal&power cables (aviation  connectors, easy plug); Fixers&screws  
3. Controller with related cables (embedded with sending card inside)

With above items, it's easy to assemble the cabinets to form a big led display panel, and make it work. You will need to do the works of 3 parts:
1. Stacking the modular cabinets to your display configuration(see the led display size, how many cabinets width and height), and mounting onto your prepared structure.
2. Connecting the signal&power cables between the modular cabinets.
3. Connecting the controller to the led display panel, and pc monitor.

a. Power
b. Mouse
c. Keyboard
d. VGA Port To Monitor
e. RJ45 Port To LED Display

With the structure prepared ready, it will take less than one hour to accomplish all the installation process for a 6x4m led display.

When have the power connected and on, you will operate the led display immediately, as easy as running a windowsXP PC! We will install and preset the software ready before the consignment, please get the software user manual here.

Want to know how to prepare the structure? Please download the installation instruction here. Or email us at for the professional suggestion.

Moreover, it is possible to use your own PC to replace our controller. Please email and ask for the tutorial.


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