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This is the last user's guide introducing how to programme the "Led Center", i.e. "LedCenterM", which is the software of C-Power programmed led sign.
And before our introduction, we would emphasize again the default password for led center is "16888". Please learn it.

In last tutorial, we guide how to setup the Led Center M of C-Power led card, communicating with RS232 and RS485. But nowadays for the electronic device, RS232 and RS485 is not so popular as in the past. Instead, coming with the fast developing and popularizing of internet, the RJ45 connector and CAT-5 communication are more and more widely seen in electronic devices including led signs.

Here we will introduce how to programme the C-Power led sign in WLAN, with RJ45 and CAT5 communication:
1. Please plug the CAT-5 cable with RJ45 connector from the control PC to your led sign, according to the scheme drawing we provide.
2. Please refer to the last tutorial "LedCenterM Software Setup", and process to the step "5" - input the "ledcenterm software default password" 16888.
3. The difference from the step "6" is:
a. Choose the "Network".
b. Assign an IP address, according to the same WLAN network segment with your control PC. As for the "ID Code" and "Port", please just ignore it and it would be the default value.
4. Go on the next step "7". Just please notice the IP address of each led sign should be unique.
5. Go on the next step till step "10". Please select the option "Network" instead of "RS232/485", input the IP address accordingly.
6. Go on the next step, and the final program interface picture would be as below.

If you face any difficulty on programming the LedCenterM, please feel free to contact us.

And if you're going to control the led signs via internet, please contact us for the further assistance.


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