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"LedCenterM", also called as "LedCenter", is the software of C-Power 5200, C-Power 4200, C-Power 3200, C-Power 2200, and C-Power 1200 LED control cards. Programming mainly for the monochrome, tricolor, or small size full color led video signs, it's featured with:

1. Simple programme interface.
2. Programme preview window.
3. Multi-languages supported.
4. Multi-display windows supported.
5. Support FLASH (SWF), GIF, JPG, BMP, TEXT etc animation, picture and text files.
6. Support AVI files (C-Power 5200).
7. Support any font.
8. More than 60 effect modes, such as: snow fall, mosaic, slide zebra, fan open etc.
9. Timing play supported.
10. Different Temperature, Clock formats.
11. Automatic brightness adjustment (need the sensor).
12. SDK (software development kit) provided.
13. Communication protocol provided.
14. LED message center control (net control, multi-screens assigned with dedicated ID).
15. GPRS/CDMA communication supported.

Taking an example of C-Power 2200, to configure the multi-led signs (via RS485), please see below steps:

Part One - Add the led signs and assign the ID to each sign.
1. Refer to the hardware connection diagram we provide, and connect the RS485 communication cables between control PC and led signs.
2. Power on the led signs.
3. Run the software "LedCenterM", and click "Setting-Advance-Define LED Screen".
4. Click "New".
5. Input the password "16888".
6. Select "C-Power 2200" (if your led sign is featured with other C-Power card, please select accordingly); assign the ID (and name); Choose the width and height, according to your led sign spec; Choose the color according to your led sign spec; Choose the communication type "RS232/485"; Choose the port according to your control PC.
And click "OK".
7. Repeat above steps from "4" to "6" (no password is required again), till all your led signs added and assigned with the ID.

Part Two - Communicate with the led signs.
8. Click "Tools-Ledtool-C-Power3200/2200".
9. Click "Communication" button (the 4th icon on top left).
10. Choose "Board is on RS485 network", select the related "port", "baudrate" and "ID". Click OK.
11. Click "Read" and make sure the led sign is found and in communication.
12. Repeat above steps from "9", till all your led signs are found and in communication.

Part Three - Programme the led signs information, and send to the led signs.
13. Select the led signs you'd programme, and edit the information.
14. Send the information by clicking the button "Send data" (on the right side).
15. Select the sign you've edit, and "Send to current".

Note: You can programme all the signs ready (step 13), and "Send data" at one time, to all the led signs, or a part of the led signs.

Above tutorial is for the multi-led signs controlled by one led message centre (one Led Center M software control several led signs).
Continue on, we will introduce briefly how to setup the software LedCenterM, if you control only one led sign by the software LedCenterM. The difference in hardware part is the port - RS232 instead of RS485.
Till the step "6", you have exactly the same processes to program it. And since you have only one LED sign, you'd jump the step "7" - no necessary to add more.
And after the step "8" and "9", here there's a little difference - Don't select "Board is on RS485 network", please see below picture sample:
And then, please go on with the step "11", and program the message you want to show on the led sign.

And note: C-Power 5200, C-Power 4200, C-Power 3200, and C-Power 1200 have the same way of configuration.
Please click here to download the latest version software "LedCenterM V5.0.9".


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