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DBstar led screen controller is actually developed earlier than LINSN, but DBstar grows not as fast as LINSN. We believe there are many reasons, surely LINSN has the relatively good quality control system, especially for the synchronous and big size led displays, but still we can't eliminate the factor that as a local company of Shenzhen, LINSN is easier to be accepted than a company from Nanjing city - Dbstar.
In this article, we're not going to find out which one is better, and actually it's impossible because those 2 our partners are diverse in their strength - LINSN is widely selected for synchronous controller led display; DBSTAR is widely selected for asynchronous controller led display.
And from the led display manufacturer's point of view, we must admit that DBSTAR has been contributing a lot to the field of asynchronous controller led display. Besides there's no necessary to keep running the control PC, the led screen performance is very good, no matter in the grey scale, or the refresh frequency, it's reached the parameters of synchronous controller led screen!
In addition, it gives great convenience in the switch between asynchronous mode and synchronous mode.

As always, before the consignment, we would have set and saved all the configurations ready, onto your led display. What you need to do is just Plug, and Play.
But just in case of your error operation, or for the reason of losing power, the led screen show not correct, here we'd show you how to configure it in below steps:
1. Find the ".rsps" file in hand. (we provide)

2. Click the "Control - LED Controller Configure".

3. Click the "para setting".

4. The password is "dbstarled".

5. Click "import", and open the ".rsps" file.

6. Click "send all para".

7. Choose "Y"(yes).

If you still face any difficulty on the configure process, please do not hesitate to contact us for a remote control. Our professional Sales Engineer will arrange that for you.

UPDATE: DBSTAR has published the new version software XMPlayer3.1. The software configuration process is generally the same.


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