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C-Power series asynchronous led control system is usually used for the monochrome or tricolor led sign boards. As well, for the economic full color led video signs, as the most advanced spec, C-Power5200 is widely chosen. C-Power series led control system ranges the specs of C-Power 5200, C-Power 4200, C-Power 3200, C-Power 2200, and C-Power 1200. We will introduce the diffrences briefly in this article.

Firstly, C-Power 5200 is the only spec for the full color led video signs. It can support totally 65536 pixels, and the widest pixel numbers could be 1024 (then the height is 64 pixels), the highest pixel numbers could be 256 (then the width is 256 pixels), and the grey scale is 256 levels.

C-Power 4200 can support only the tricolor, mono or dual color led sign boards. But the advantage is that it can support more pixels, i.e. a large size led display screen. The pixels number can be 2048x256 or 1024x512. So for instance of a hospital or a stock market, there's no necessary for the big led display screen to show the videos with good grey scale, but only the texts of numbers and letters, then you'd choose C-Power 4200 as the control system.

For a general size mono or tricolor led sign board such as 1024x32 pixels, 512x64 pixels, or 256x128 pixels (or lower resolution), usually we'd go with C-Power 3200. Comparing with lower class C-Power 2200 or C-Power 1200, the advantage is that the memory is 256MB embedded, and can support 2Gbit the extension USB or SD card memory.

C-Power 2200 and C-Power 1200 are chosen only when the led sign's size smaller than 64 pixels in height. And C-Power 1200 doesn't support the extension USB memory. So only when the clients are very sensitive on the cost, we'd choose C-Power 2200 and C-Power 1200.

From our led sign manufacturer's point of view, we conclude the most popular spec are C-Power 5200, C-Power 3200 and C-Power 2200.

Why doesn't C-Power 4200 get popular? For a large led display screen with many pixels, it would be really a pity if you'd cancel the grey level. Even though your display is monochrome or dual color, with a fine grey level led control card, your display would be more attractive.
Please see the sample picture as below:

Why doesn't C-Power 1200 get popular? The extension USB and SD card memory gives great convenience to programme the led sign board!


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