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"Ledstudio" is the software name of Linsn Led display control system. We have made a tutorial introducing how to make the intelligent setup before using the led studio software, i.e. how to load the ".RCG" and ".CON" files, please click here to learn how to achieve that.
You would run the LED display and program the software, after you've done that. And 90% Chinese led screen manufacturers using linsn led control system would inform the clients the process finished.
But when providing the after-sale service, the Sales Engineers of Dakco would guide the clients to feature more function to the led display - Auto-brightness control.
With the Auto-brightness function, your LED display will adjust the brightness automatically, according to the environment brightness. And simply speaking, the advantages are Power Saving, Comforting the audience' vision, and in some areas there's the rules of "light pollution", by using the Auto-brightness adjustment function, your led display will not be in trouble with the law.
Before the consignment, we would have embedded the multifunction card, brightness and temperature sensors with your led screen. And you would get the auto-brightness function with below steps:
1. Run the software and click "Option-Software Setup".

2. Type "linsn" here. (just type the word "linsn" with keyboard, no input area required)

3. The password is "168".

4. Choose "Enable Excard Bright", "Save on sender" and "Exit".

5. Select "Option-LED Screen Monitor".

6. Ajust the brightness value, sensitivity and speed.

As well, sometime the temperature shows not correct on the led screen, then you can amend the screen-showing temperature to be lower or higher, to get the correct information on the led screen.

We find that recently some the clients feel difficult to get the service from their suppliers. Here we Dakco would like to let you know that it doesn't matter that your led display is not purchased from us.
We'd like to continue the service for FREE.
So please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Engineer if you face any problem.



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