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Wireless Led Sign For Dairy Queen
LED Display Type: P20mm outdoor LED Display
Product Code: DK-OFV20
Pixel Pitch: 20mm
Pixel Density: 2500dots/sq.m
Location: USA
Dimension: 1.92m*0.96m(double sided)
Who is the most competetive speaker to evaluate a led sign's quality? My answer is the customers and users. We are customers when we purchase the product no matter what it is. Sometimes, we feel happy to be a customer especially when we bought a high quality product. Sometimes, we feel upset to be a customer beacuse we bought something really bad. Being a customer is really hard. however, the customers' evaluation is the generator of the market no matter their evaluation are good or bad. We believe that when you cheat your customers you are cheating yourself.
We are so pround of that we have a lot of loyalty customers from all over the world. Dairy Queen is one of them. As one of the biggest chain resturants in America, they are well known by many customers. except its delicious food and nice service, advertisments played an very improtant role. We feel proud that we have also done sth for their advertisments. The picture led sign is the proof. It is a P20mm double sides full color led sign with wireless control system. It is not big, only 1.92mx0.96m but the small size will not cover its fantastic performance. This led sign is not the first sign we made for them and also not the last. We believe that there will be more and more cooperation between us.


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